The Incident of the Kite in the Tree…

We were back in East Anglia for a couple of days to bury J’s Mum and so there were a couple more ‘Kites on Rushmere Heath’ episodes. J just wanted one more go before we left yesterday so off he trundled, kites in hand. An hour or so later, just as we were wondering if he was on his way back for dinner, a dejected J returned to tell us the string on his favourite kite broke…and the kite itself was caught in a tree!

Well after dinner, J, his dad & I set off for the Heath on our mission – you can see how prepared we were…

So we sent J up the ladder with a really long pole and…..


Now that’s a happier face!!

I think an old English law (Sod’s) came into play but my theory is it had to happen eventually!

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