News From The Patch: Report Card May 09

I have strawberries!
Green, not-pickable ones as yet but still…strawberries. Check them out…How chuffed am I?

My other children are coming along at different levels of enthusiasm (just like real children I am told)…

– Top of the class goes to the strawbs but not far behind are runner beans (busy ‘running’ up the bamboo frame), Mizuna lettuce (has grown taller than the container – bless) and peas (I’m thinking I might need to put taller stakes in!)

– Tomatoes, courgettes (or zucchinis for those of you who know better), dwarf french beans (btw – how big are the regular ones??) and all of the herbs are trundling along nicely as are the rocket, spinach and chard. That’s an A for effort kids!

– Greater challenges have been faced, however, by the pearl lettuce which have faltered a bit in the shadow cast by mizuna and rocket success so I can see that a bit of T(ender) L(ettuce) C(are) is required here…

So that’s about it for the Mid May report card at The Patch…off to do my rain/sun/rain/sun dance now so we can have more salad and ‘eating strawbs’ for June!

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