Fotografía Extraordinaria…

Fotografía Extraordinaria…its Dutch for ‘Extraordinary Photograph’…which is apparently what the people at Schmap though of my photo of de Waag in Nieuwmarkt when they found it on Flickr and asked could they include it in their Amsterdam City Guide! HOW EXCITING! You can look at it by clicking on the Blog Title….

I took a heap of photos when I went to Amsterdam last October and spent a couple of hours sitting at Cafe in de Waag one brilliantly sunshine-y afternoon chatting with a couple of local students and updating my travel diary. The cafe is located in the oldest Gate in Amsterdam (built in 1488 on St Anthony’s Dock as part of the medieval city wall) and in its time, the building has been a public weigh-house, a trade hall for various guilds, a museum and now a restaurant!

Anyway enough about that…just wanted to share my little thrill so I’m off to bask in the glory of my first ever published (albeit FOC) photo!

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