The Countdown Begins…

For those of you who live under a rock or have been avoiding me for sometime, today is the today that I remind you that in exactly ONE MONTH, I will be turning 40.

That’s 31 shopping days…

(although if you live across the other side of the world – aka Australia – this probably means only 21 shopping days as it takes about 10 days for post to get here)

That’s also 31 sleeps…

The countdown begins…

1 thought on “The Countdown Begins…

  1. That's why I didn't get any presents this year!

    I didn't offer up a present buying itinerary!


    All of those cards a pressies that didn't make it to my new country of residence..

    All those fruitless trips accross town in 45 degree heat to a post office box that remained, disturbingly, empty.

    Next year, I'll be ready…

    Might start nagging now

    LOL 🙂


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