29 Sleeps To Go…A Cool Grey Day

Today is a cool grey day…

…and it rained last night. It’s not cold at all but the temperature is nowhere near the scorching levels of the last few days – a lovely respite from feeling constantly like a sweaty puddle of lethargy in un-airconditioned, not-built-for-any-heat UK.

There have already been a couple of little updates on the countdown to the big 4-0 too:

– My first present has arrived – courtesy of Mum and the ever-efficient Amazon Wishlist dispatched to my family last weekend as a bit of a fab-gift-for-Kym thought starter. However, J says I am not allowed to have it yet…boo hoo!

– J has organised my present (a landmark event in itself!) I…yes me…am going to Disneyland Paris for my birthday. YAY! WOOHOO!

What better way to celebrate 40 (or forty – which way looks better/more fun/less threatening? I am not sure – perhaps we could do a poll?) than to rush about behaving like a huge child with Mickey & co. You all should be VERY envious…

And I might just go on about it for…mmm…I dunno…maybe the next 29 days or so…

I love it when it’s all about me…

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