26 Sleeps To Go…BBQs & Spectator Sports

It turned into a sunshine-y weekend in London and on Saturday afternoon, I joined about 17 others (including J) at a belated house-warming/engagement/watching-the-rugby/salute-to-summer bbq on the roof terrace at A&A’s. Fab weather, fab food & fab friends – a fab all-rounder…

(We so wanted to hold on to the bbq-ness of Saturday that we actually had our own bbq-for-2 at about 10pm last night. Yes, sad but true.)

And how about that tennis eh? You know, well-done to Roger Federer and all that but I must admit to a bit of emotional ‘tear-welling’ for Andy Roddick – so brave and humble in accepting his runner-up trophy (although how a big silver tray – difficult to display/a significant dust-collector – can be of any use to a bloke, I will never know…who ever thought of that as a fitting reward for 14 days of hard core tennis? I guess he could put his cheque on it….) I did really want him to win (my ‘fighting for the under-dog’ tendancies emerging) but at 14 games all in the 5th set I have to admit that I just wanted it to be over – spectator sports are simply exhausting!

And there’s news from the patch: This weekend I picked a small handful of dwarf french beans. Half a dozen tiny green tomatoes have also appeared and we are expecting courgettes (zucchinis for those in the know) any week now – let me tell you I cannot wait to bbq them as kebabs with peppers and halloumi (a wicked Were recipe garnered from Saturday’s food-fest).

26 sleeps to go…and it’s all happening…

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