Childish Games and Becoming A Follower…

Since we’ve been on the subject of children’s activities of late (you know with my big Disney extravaganza and all that), I thought I’d continue the theme with a visit back to yesteryear and that all-time favourite, Mousetrap…remember how carefully we had to build it all up just to feel smugly satisfied at the successful capture of the mouse at the end?

Well there are some people that just never grow up…check this out!

Britain really does have talent!
ps…for those of you who have been receiving my blog posts as an auto email, I’m chuffed that you like them – but I have now added an easy-peasy link on my actual blog page so that you can become a follower of my blog – then you can set your own settings about how you want to be notified when I add something new.  This will make make me look less like a desperate scotty no-mates and more like the interesting/fascinating/witty person you all know and love (too much sell??? Sorry…) So go there now – – and make me look good  🙂

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