Disney Studios…Or The Invasion of High School Musical

Well day 2 of our Disney Extravaganza was spent at the Disney Studios Park, a peek behind the magic of making movies right next door to the original park. 
So after starting my 40th birthday with all my new friends at Cafe Mickey (see The Happiest Friends On Earth…) it was time to get into some ‘action’ (geddit?…action…movies….). This park is reasonably new so I have been reliably informed that some of the areas lack the depth of the other Disney Studios parks in the States (partic. the backlot area) but it had a different feel from the Disneyland park and we spent a great day amongst the rides, shows and streets of the Front Lot, Hollywood Boulevard, Toon Studios, Back Lot and the Production Courtyard.
One of the best things about our day was the Moteurs…Action Stunt Show Spectatcular.  In front of 1000 plus people in an open air arena, the director, stunt drivers and a few special guests (like the Love Bug himself, Herbie) took us on a 45min stunt ballet of screaming engines, smoking tyres and special effects all wrapped up into the final ‘movie’ reel at the end.  I will NEVER look at movie car chases in the same way again…completely awesome!  Here’s some pics but they don’t really do it justice….

And one to prove we were really there…

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