The Absence of Blogging…

I missed getting to my blog this weekend…not because I forgot or I didn’t want to but all the other things to do and catch up on just got in the way…and before I knew it Sunday was done – and my blog wasn’t…

While there’s an urge to apologise profusely to those of you who wait with baited breath for my snippets of opinion and activity, my bigger urge is frustration and an I-haven’t-blogged-for-a-week restlessness.  It’s addictive, this blogging caper.  I never thought it would ‘be’ me but having writing back in my life has been such a joy.  Sometimes there’s so much stuff happening or so many feelings all at once that I find it hard to choose ‘the snippet’ – although it usually ends up choosing itself as I write – and sometimes there’s an event or opinion or feeling that’s right there, bursting to get out…so get ready for loads of restless creativity and frustrated expression bursting forth!



Now that’s out, I have room to say ‘really sorry I haven’t blogged peeps’.  I am also delighted to report that I have two official followers (my big half-sister and that bloody trouble-maker from my drinking days in Melbourne) and I’d really love more of you to join my Peanut Gallery of followers, make hay with these two (or not) and heckle (or not) to your heart’s content.

So chop chop…

1 thought on “The Absence of Blogging…

  1. I am having yet another try at adding to your blog. I ALWAYS seem to forget my sign in & have to go back to the starting blocks.So.. here goes..
    On this side of the workplace (Rural Workforce Agency Victoria) took 40 of us off to the Melbourne Royal Agricultural Show for a day of bonding. It's really,really interesting to see who groups with whom in the bonding department and it's even more interesting to see a totally different side of some peers when they are being spun around at great heights on the most daring of rides in side-show alley. I had my traditional “going to the show” food- a 12inch Dagwood Dog with tomato sauce. For the uninitiated – a saveloy in batter, deep-fried…. it's Ugh but a must! Our next adventure through work is our Christmas party (last year we went… yes.. lawn bowling & dressed up as bands from the 60's)This year we're off to the Country Races (all dressed up)at Kyneton- Hiring a bus, karaoke, marquee, drinks & nibbles, full Christmas dinner entertainment … & of course, the races. It's lucky that I love my job, because it would be a shame to leave the place!Oh, forgot to add as I'm on “work”- we've been given the week off between Christmas & New Year on full pay.. sigh..
    Talk soon


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