The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

The weekend is here again and despite the fact that during this last week, there’s been just a little nip in the air as the sun dips backs down to the horizon each day, today we were blessed with a beautiful Autumn Day…so beautiful, in fact, that the top came off…

…my car you numpty, I’m talking about my car…

Got your attention though, didn’t it! Ha!

Anyway, Autumn is my most favourite time of the year.  

(English people think I am weird when I tell them this. The usual reaction is an unbelieving ‘What about Summer?’…I try to be gentle when I tell them that we don’t all live in ‘Summer Bay’ and it does actually rain in Ramsay Street.)

The leaves are starting to turn now so we are getting some of that startling red and orange appearing in the midst of leftover summer-green foliage.  The mornings are peppered with misty puffs of breath and there is an extra layer of clothing in place on my daily, crunchy-leafed walk to catch the bus. And the daylight hours are definitely getting shorter too with my normal journey home cloaked in evening by the time I reach my door again, with the tip of my nose gone all cold and tingly.

But it’s lovely – crisp and invigorating outside and cosy inside – and a great excuse to rediscover my warmer wardrobe staples that have lain abandoned over the glorious summer that we had…and so it all feels like new.
Yes, Autumn is definitely the most wonderful time of the year…

The view from my front door…glorious!!!

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