A Chilling Tribute…

I subscribe to a weekly newsletter from Innocent – for those of you outside the UK, Innocent makes fresh smoothies, juices, snacks and drinks – which is irreverant, fun and always makes me smile somewhere in the reading of it…

Well this week’s newsletter came through with a bit of a tribute to MJ’s Thriller which I thought was worth a look. I enjoyed it so much that I just wanted to share it with you all so click on the link below to check it out…

Jim Anderson’s Chiller

Perhaps not as good as the original but a fair effort I think.

And as with all good films, the best bits are the behind the scenes bits and interviews with the cast and crew…

Meet the Cast

Behind the Scenes…The Making Of

well maybe not…

But what an absolute crack-up…now THIS is my kind of corporate team-building!

For more innocent antics you can check out http://innocentdrinks.typepad.com/innocent_drinks/ 

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