We Have A Monopoly….

I am new to this whole Xbox thing…J has one hooked up to a flat screen tv that pretty much dominates his small living room and while I have developed a rather sporadic affection for A Kingdom for Keflings, my Xbox experience has been more opportunistic rather than particularly focussed…

…until now.

On a late night shopping expedition to Tesco or Asda (I can’t remember which) a couple of weeks ago, J invested in Xbox Monopoly and it had its first foray into our world last weekend when we introduced J’s son to its capitalistic delights.  (And just so you know, I won…by a long way…aaaah I can hear my family groaning now!)  

But last night, facing a chilly Saturday evening at home and without any pretense of ‘oh how nice let’s give this a try shall we’, we let our most basic and fervent desires loose and submitted ourselves to this, the pinnacle of addictive power games.  And after I had completely opened a serious can of ‘whoop-ass’ all over J, in our 1.30am rematch (he insisted – I was happy to rest on my laurels), he laughed smugly (I thought) as I managed the rather remarkable feat of landing on Park Lane and Mayfair (with buildings!) not only on successive turns but also on successive laps of the board.  Game Two – Over!

At one game each, I can see that our future Saturday nights may now be dedicated to this bloody and brutal enterprise…

Let the games begin!

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