2010…Born To Be Alive…

Happy New Year folks!!!  Sorry there has been a bit of a void in your giddayfromtheUK fix…only 4 blogs for December!  Shall endeavour to ‘pull my socks up’ but hope you know I was thinking of you anyway…

Well we are 3 days into 2010 and after last year’s run of death, illness and hard times for me and my nearest and dearest, I have found myself wondering what this year will bring and where we will find ourselves this time next year…in 2011!!!!  Gulp!!

And then I heard a blast from my past that blew all of that away and left me feeling inspired and, quite frankly, ‘kick-ass’.  

In 1979, I danced to this over and over in my pre-teen bedroom (I was ten!) and in 1982, a small group of 12-13 year-olds ventured on stage at the George Jenkins Theatre in Frankston (Melbourne, Australia) to perform the first of many Monterey High School Variety Night dance routines to this disco classic. 

And 30 years on, it is still the greatest disco track ever…and a fitting theme for the year ahead.

So sit back peeps, dial up that volume and take a trip back in time…


Yeah baby…

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