For The People By The People

There has been some exciting news on the work front this week. 

(No I have not been offered an amazing, multi-million pound job which involves travelling, eating and laying about – btw, how do you get one of those?)

We have launched a new site in our network – kingstonpeople!

It’s a website for the people of Kingston but the great part of it is that it’s written by the people of Kingston so we get to bang on about politicians (who was that brave man from the Lib Dems braving the icy conditions on Windmill Rise yesterday to knock on doors and garner party support?), snow (how pretty, annoying, inconvenient, cold it is), transport (train delays), road works (including the question to grit or not to grit), and art (Out of Order, The Rose Theatre) as well as our fave (and not so fave!) places to eat, drink, shop and generally frequent…
So you can all go on and find out about the place I love to live in!  You can even register yourself and bang on about Kingston too…

Yay!  I am excited….

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