Love is…

So here it is…Valentine’s Day 2010…with all its societal hopefulness and commercial pressure (or should that be societal pressure and commercial hopefulness?)  And I must say that it has been one of the nicest Valentine’s Days I’ve ever had.  And guess what we did…

I washed the kitchen floor, did a load of washing, washed the breakfast dishes (hmmm reading this there is a definite ‘washing’ theme)…I have also eaten the entire Milky Bar-flavoured chocolate cow J gave me this morning – and have a mild sugar headache to show for it – and am planning to cook a mean spaghetti bolognese for us tonight.

J on the other hand, got into my drawers…

Noooo…tut tut….naughty naughty….I was referring to my chest of drawers!

These were an IKEA purchase from 5 years ago that I built all by myself when I first moved here by following the riddle we all know and love as ‘flatpack instructions’.  I have also progressively filled each drawer to the brim and reglued the bottom of each as they succumbed under the weight of my chattels.  But recently the drawers became ‘unfixed’ so badly that I have been living for the past few weeks with the top one sitting on the floor by itself and the bottom drawer’s contents completely inaccessible because the middle drawer has been semi-collapsed on top of it.

So J basically rebuilt this for me…the result is awesome and verging on indestructible (he does a proper DIY job my man does!) and apart from being able to reclaim the small piece of floor next to my bed, I am chuffed at getting even more value out of this IKEA purchase by spending merely another tenner.

He must love me a lot!

Hope you found a little love to get you through this Valentine’s Day…xx  

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