Hell on Wheels…

Have you ever been to the supermarket an hour before it closes on a Sunday? 

You know prior to the 15 hour closure (my local Sainsbury’s anyway) before it opens again on Monday…a break apparently lengthy enough to induce bulk buying, long queues and some creative car parking behaviour.

Well I was just there, the timing unplanned.  I meant to go much earlier but time got away from me and I had things to buy which (hopefully) will stop me from eating some meals this week completely devoid of any nutritional benefit…anyway I digress…

Wow! it’s a battlefield out there.  Cars, trolleys, prams, bikes, baskets, elbows…I am sure that the TV Show Gladiators was modelled on this.  I was glad to get home to my little flat…all cosy and snug, and safe from those wet, nasty elements in the aisles of the Sainsbury’s Sury Basin store and car park!

At least my fridge had finished defrosting by the time I got home and I could fit things into the roughly-two-brick-sized freezer again…

Small blessings…

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