An e-Mother’s Day…

So we’ve arrived at my second Mother’s Day for 2010 (in my schizophrenic UK-Oz life) and my Mum is on a plane right now, wing-ing her way to the West Coast of the States, then to France…and then to me here in the UK! 

That’s right, in just 17 sleeps, I will be at Heathrow Airport waiting to see my Mum for the first time in 3 years…

So in honour of this year’s second Mother’s Day, I thought I’d tell you about one of Mum’s very special skills…something very few people actually know about my Mum (particularly since she stopped doing my hair ooooh about 35 years ago!)…RINGLETS!

I figured the best way to showcase this awesome talent was in a old family pic of Mum, me and my little sister (fondly known as Lil Chicky)…

…and yes, that is me in the ringlet pigtails.
I could go into a litany of trauma experienced under the auspices of said ringlets (but there weren’t any) or trot out some other juicy tidbits that most people would not know about Mum.  But I do have other things to be getting on with today and I’ve just remembered that it’s supposed to be a day to honour thy mother, not give her a complete (if gentle) roasting.

So here’s to Mums everywhere (Mark 2) and especially to mine somewhere States-side…

Only 17 sleeps to go…

BTW, I thought that my Mother’s Day e-card might make it before she left for the airport. But any hope of that disappeared upon opening Facebook and being reliably informed by Lil Chicky in her latest post that she had in fact been up since 4.45am Oz time to take said parent and travelling partner to the airport. Buggar! Best laid plans eh? But I figure the e-card is still out there in the ether and will hopefully provide a little e-surprise when Mum visits an internet cafe somewhere on her travels…

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