I haven’t written anything about Alfie Bear for a little while and I’ve been meaning to share another of his little adventures with you for some time now…his first bath!
This was not entirely enjoyable experience for young Alfie and it was with considerable trepidation (me) and squirming (him) that I managed to get him into the tub…
(Note the blurred pic…that bear is a wriggler!)
 I thought I had convinced him to be good, that it really wasn’t so bad (basically to stop being such a big girl which he did not like a all) and it would all be over in a flash if he would just stay still.  But I turned my back for an instant and he was off – on a mission to get as far away as possible and completely undeterred by the steep drop from the bench-top to the kitchen floor…
…but quick as a flash, he was back in the tub, soaped up, rinsed off and wrapped up all nice and warm again…
Drying such a furry little thing in all his cuteness takes quite some time and although he protested to begin with, I think Alfie rather liked his post-on-high atop the drying rack!
And soon we had a sparkling clean (in a furry kind of way), honey-sticky-paws-less Alfie…
He is not, however, convinced that bathing is at all necessary and bath number 2 remains to be negotiated.

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