I Get No Kick From Champagne….

It’s been a busy week following last Sunday’s blog and there have been a number of highlights not the least of which was seeing Jamie Cullum live at the London Palladium on Sunday night.  This was my Christmas present to the lovely J so after much anticipation (about 5 months in fact), 7.30pm found us in our stalls seats brimming with excitement.

As with all shows, there’s a support act that you don’t really know much about which can be delightfully surprising or something that’s just getting in the way of the main act.  Lucky for us Eliza Doolittle (yes that is her name) was the former – her uber-understated image made us really focus on her amazing voice and her songs had something of a Lily-Allen-esque quality which we both loved.

But we were there for Jamie and the show was amazing.  How can someone play the piano like that and leap about and sing…and still have the energy to have a ‘little chat’ at the mike every so often. I was exhausted just watching him!  ‘Gran Torino’ is one of our favourite songs (the movie is a must-see!) and this ended the show nicely after an absolute rollercoaster ride of tunes. But my favourite for the entire evening was this amazing duet between Jamie and the guy playing the Double Bass (Chris?) – a rendition of ‘I Get A Kick Outta You’.  It was so very very very cool…I didn’t want it to end…I can still see and hear it now…and in fact, I couldn’t sleep Sunday night for thinking about it all.

And being the sensible girl that I am, I am hereby ending this post before I get myself all worked up again…these days it doesn’t take much!

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