Australia’s New Head Girl…

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post so apologies to those of you who went blue whilst waiting with baited breath for my witterings.  It’s been an exhausting time with lots of the usual great highs and ensuing lows only a bit more extreme and I needed a little time out to be gentle with myself before crusading out into life again. 

But I’m still here with things to say and wonder about.…and the first thing that springs to mind is my complete surprise on waking up Thursday morning to learn that not only does Australia have a new Prime Minister (and a female one at that) in Julia Gillard but that I had no idea who she was or that a change of leadership was in the wind!  And upon posting this black hole in my knowledge on my Facebook status, I got 7 comments in return – opinions are divided with 5 slating Gillard as ruthless, calculating and cold and 2 being excited by her success and looking forward to the impact she will make. 

Admittedly I am without any fervent view as yet but am finding the strength of other people’s opinions on the matter completely fascinating from my less-engaged position on the other side of the world…so here’s some to read for yourself.

The Australian
The Sydney Morning Herald –
The Herald Sun
The Guardian
The Huffington Post
Antony Loewenstein

Although whatever your opinion, you’ve got to admit it’s a historic moment…Australia’s ultimate glass ceiling has been broken!

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