Happy Summer Sundays….

I just watched Germany beat England 4-1 in the World Cup…happily! Whilst England did not cover themselves at all in glory, to my un-soccer-fied eye, I thought the Germans played well, great accuracy in passing and really tight plays up and down the pitch…and my money is on Germany to win in the World Cup sweep at work so even though they trounced Australia in the first match (and my heart bled a little at this), at least my hard-earned £5 is still at work.  You never know, someone might topple the mighty Brazil or Argentina…maybe???

It’s just over 30C here today and between yesterday and today, I have indulged in a frenzy of washing all of the bedding, towels and blankets I could get my hands on (oh the luxury of having them all dry outside in a day!), windows (this glorious sunshine shows up the dirt magnificently, thus the urgency to deal with this today after a week of procrastination) and am now ensconced in my blogging chair at the window enjoying some Kylie tunes (inspired by seeing her interviewed on Jonathan Ross on Friday night – the woman is a class act!), checking sporadically on my latest Facebook obsession – CafeWorld…and studiously avoiding eye-contact with the gi-normous bag of summer-time ironing sitting on my bed in the other room – when I finally iron this stuff, it will be like having a whole new wardrobe…which has just produced a tiny surge of motivation so I’m off.
Happy Summer Sunday everyone!
ps…Alfie is enjoying the sun and says hi…
pps…did you realise that that last para was all one sentence?  You are allowed to breathe at the … and the – !
ppps…yes this is more avoidance of the ironing bag…I’m really off now!

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