12 Sleeps To Go…Another Blogger, ex-‘Girt By Sea’ …

I was getting my weekly ‘Australian Times’ e-letter fix on the bus on the way home tonight when I stumbled across a blog by a fellow expat that made me laugh out loud at her take on the ACRONYMS of the English education system. 

(Not that I am particularly well-versed in these but everyone knows that OFSTED is just another word for ‘wielding a hefty ruler about and threatening to rap naughty schools across the knuckles if they doesn’t behave as they ought to!’)

What made me laugh the most was when she said: 

‘If you’re thinking ‘WTF’, you’re not alone. Acronyms are the bane of my existence, and it doesn’t help that nobody has ever communicated (oh, the irony!) what most of these letters stand for’. 

Classic!!  I’m not even a teacher and this rang absolutely true.  Maybe it’s a test? 

Oh and if you haven’t quite worked out ‘WTF’, you clearly need to use a little expletive imagination.  Come to think of it, maybe that’s an even better test for potential immigrants to the UK – ‘WTF-ness’ happens a lot when you first get here.  And let’s face it, there are times when, if you don’t WTF and laugh, you’d have a bloody good cry!  So pack loads of it if you’re coming over…

Anyway, inspired by this, I read all 12 posts since her UK teaching career began (12 weeks ago).  You may think it sad to read about someone I don’t know but it’s a long ride home and I’ll do anything to while it away particularly if it involves using my new sexy phone

If you want to check out another Aussie expat’s ramblings, click here and you’ll be there in a jiffy…

And if you haven’t checked out my interview on Seen The Elephant yet, shame on you.  Click here at once!

Yes peeps, it’s still all about me…

2 thoughts on “12 Sleeps To Go…Another Blogger, ex-‘Girt By Sea’ …

  1. Ha ha that is funny…I would have wanted to keep my WTF plates if only to see the look on people's faces….perverse of me I know….

    Thx for the commute to work giggle Kathryn!


  2. Department of Motor Vehicles in Connecticut finally figured out that WTF has new significance. And, since typically Connecticut license plates have three numbers followed by three letters, DMV offered to give new plates to any cars unfortunate enough to have Wednesday Thursday Friday in their registration.



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