8 sleeps to go…I want a pony

My lil’ sister (fondly known as Chicky) has had a tough week and it’s one of the times that living over here feels especially far away.  So in an effort to make her smile and to honour our special ‘Big-Chicky-to-Lil-Chicky’ relationship, this post captures some more of those defining moments from my childhood but in an ‘advice from a big sister’ kind of way:

I know you’re not sure what the cake with the little crib on it is all about…but smile anyway!

I know it’s your first birthday…but it’s good to share!

This Marching Girls caper is pretty easy…but you are supposed to be looking straight ahead, not chatting!

Oops…an elbow in the cake…don’t worry, it won’t be the first time.

I know it’s a birthday but should we be having THIS much fun in matching dresses?

And here’s the most important piece of advice of all…

Sisters always look out for each other

BTW, the Chicky-and-Husband parcel arrived last night and quite apart from the anticipation of opening my present on the 1st (strict family rule not to open one’s present until the birthday day itself), the card (family rule does not apply), as quite possibly the most appropriate card ever given to me, simply demonstrates how well she knows me…

8 sleeps to go people, 8 sleeps…can’t wait to ride my pony!

2 thoughts on “8 sleeps to go…I want a pony

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  2. No pre-opening pressie !! No shaking, squishing,holding up to the light- it will disintegrate is you open early………… 😉

    Love the pics- matching dresses had to make an appearance didn't they….?


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