1 Sleep To Go…10 Things About Me…

There’s just one sleep to go.  One day left to complete my 41st year on the planet.  What better way to round off the year than with a few more things that make me tick:
7.  It’s ALL about The Hair…the way I feel about my hair underpins how I feel about life at any given moment.

8.  When I say ‘yes, you can have a bit’, I only mean a LITTLE bit. 
Don’t take liberties!
9. I am Half-Dutch – cute though the outfit may be, underneath there is some serious attitude – don’t mess with it or you’ll get ‘the look’! (See 8.)
10.  Life’s A Beach…gritty bits ‘n’ all, there’s no better place to be.
So the 10 Things You Love/Hate/Need To Know About Me are:
  1. I like my laundry line-dried…just because
  2. I like teddy bears…they are better behaved than children
  3. I like food..admiring it, eating it, cooking it
  4. I like to help…so let me
  5. I like birthdays…a lot
  6. I like being a sister…the older one
  7. I like my hair…fabulous
  8. I like sharing…a little bit
  9. I like my mixed heritage…shaken AND stirred
  10. I like the beach…anytime

Yes peeps, this post really is all about me – here endeth the lesson…

ps…if you missed Parts One and Two, click on the underlined bit and you can read them for yourself.  Or you can read them again if you liked the photos and are a bit of a nostalgic git like me.

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