Life in the UK…A Guilty Pleasure…

With yesterday’s birthday festivities done and dusted, the final day of my birthday-treat-to-myself, four-day weekend is well underway and I am indulging in a little delightful daytime telly, a few episodes of the ultimate combination of ego, pretentiousness and witty put-downs, Come Dine With Me.  While I love passing vicarious judgement on the food, hosts, houses and guests at each weeknight dinner party, the best bit is definitely Dave Lamb, voice-over extraordinaire, who tracks the behind-the-scenes shenanigans both in and out of the kitchen.

I’ve just been laughing at Dave’s reaction to Night 1 (lamb’s testicles and a falling out – unrelated), Night 2 (speechlessly bad food, gifts of crystals and a truce – again unrelated), Night 3 (great food that nobody could pronounce and a falling out) and Night 4 (mackeral with a rhubarb & sorrel sauce and more falling out). 

We are now at Night 5, the host of which has been the focus of Night 2 host’s righteous indignation – Night 2 host has just arrived before anyone else and she’s as frosty as a popsicle (and I am hoping her fellow diners are about to tell her exactly what she might do with it!)

Must go…I wouldn’t want to miss a moment!

In the meantime if you don’t believe how smugly funny this show is (I hear it’s made its way Down Under and Stateside), you can read a couple of other little snippets below (and yes the WAGs special was priceless).
N2 host caused so much friction at the table that N5 host asked her to have her dessert IN THE NEXT ROOM….LOL!
364 sleeps to go…
Ha ha just kidding. Even I can’t sustain the interest, excitement or badgering for that long…

Come Dine With Me: Wags Special (

Why Come Dine With Me is a gem | Marina O’Loughlin (

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