Ugg-ly…An Australian Travesty…

For most Australians, one of the things that dismays us completely is the predeliction of the English in wearing Ugg boots not as slippers or comfy and warm pre-yoga clogs but as fashion items.  And I don’t mean the trendy looking Uggs that have emerged over the last season (if you click here to see some from their website, you’ll see that there are some un-Ugg-like ones) but the traditonal fleecy ones that they insist on wearing to accessorise a summer dress and bare legs.
But then I saw something today that shocked me, made me gasp and weep at the sheer travesty of it all…the ‘costume’ (and what a highly appropriate word that is here!) for Australia’s representative in the Miss Universe competition featuring “high-heeled ugg boots, a brown one-piece swimming costume hand-painted by an Aboriginal artist, a multi-layered rainbow skirt and a lamb’s wool shrug”…
Need I say more?

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