A Blogger’s Journey…

I’ve been blogging now for a couple of years (in fact this is post 150 – hurrah!)  It was a slow start as I wondered what on earth to write about and would anybody read it anyway.  But under the guise of sharing everyday thoughts and moments with my family and friends across the other side of the world, I set off…

Along the way, I’ve checked out a whole lot of blogs. I’ve followed some. Some remain on the list. Others have fallen by the wayside as I learnt what I loved to dip into each day (during my commute) or each week (when I have more time to ponder a post’s particular point of view or wallow in it’s sheer wit/wisdom).  As a result of my last post, I’ve even learned about The Archers (thanks to matthew_in_ham).

I’ve had ‘were we separated at birth?’ moments with fellow expats bloggers (Marmite and Fluff’s Sarcasm for Sale produced one of these).  I think there’s an unerring poignancy and recognition between people who’ve chosen a life away from family and childhood friends and as a result, I feel like I have a small but growing fellowship of like-minded souls.

I’ve even been interviewed on expat blog Seen The Elephant

Over the last little while, I’ve been been exploring this whole blogging community thing and have linked my blog to Networked Blogs on Facebook and a site called Expat Blogs.  It’s opened up a whole world of other topics to have my say about.

My most recent discovery is a site called Seeded Buzz and I’ve just been dipping my first tentative toe into the water.  And I found a great post ‘What has blogging taught you?’ that inspired this one…

So what has blogging taught me?

…that the world is a big place…

…that there’s something for everyone in it…

…that everyone loves an audience…

And that I love it!

So thanks to all of you who, through your fan-dom/ follower status/ comments/ secretly-reading-and-resisting-any-public-declaration-of-this, make up the Gidday from the UK peanut gallery and give me an audience. 

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