Have Your Two Cents Worth…

I’ve been thinking about updating my look for a while now so in honour of yesterday’s 150th post, I’ve decided to give Gidday from the UK a bit of a makeover.

I really like the general look of this new template but have crashed and burned seriously on the getting the followers and networked blogs widgets happening and am not fond of the way that this template puts some things in CAPS so fingers crossed that I can get these sorted out!

I am also exploring some other interesting things to put in the margins.  (I have a feeling that margins is a distinctly un-blogg-y term so once you have stopped sniggering and being ‘too cool for school’ feel free to go right ahead and enlighten me as to what these side bits are called!)  So I am creating this unprecedented opportunity for my erstwhile Peanut Gallery to chuck their two cents worth in with:

  • Any good ideas you’ve seen?
  • Anything you’d particularly like to see?

Can’t promise it’ll turn up, blogger neophyte as I am, but I’ll have a crack at it…promise!

Also, please be patient if things move around a bit while I play around and basically work out how to get things looking their best…


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