The Piece De Resistance…Of Birthdays!

Last weekend I found myself tucked cosily in my sunlit train seat chugging my way across London to a 1st birthday party in Borehamwood.

Little N was an Australia Day 2010 arrival and having visited him in hospital when he was just a day old (I have the dubious honour of being his first ‘friend’ photo), I am constantly amazed each time I see him how much he’s grown into even more of a ‘little’ person.  And it’s been two months, what with travelling, Christmas and the like, so trekking across London on a fine Sunday afternoon seemed the least I could do.

Being of the child-free variety, I had been invited to attend ‘the adult’s party’ where there would be substantially fewer small people and more grown up fare (ie. drinks and nibbles).  And after his small person shindig earlier followed by a baby power nap, N was in fine form and ready to receive our assorted offerings in the ’12 months and older’ category.  He even gave every parcel his due and careful attention…until the next one appeared!

(Between you and me though, I’m afraid that the whole ‘ding dong’ and ‘more things for me’ association that was happening is just likely to yield disappointment and/or frustration for him on all days non-birthday.  Sigh…we all have to grow up some time…)

But really, the point of this entire post is to brag about the piece de resistance – I give you (dramatic pause)

…The Cake…

And in case you couldn’t see Drago the Dragon on top, here it is again…

And underneath that awesome icing, there was Red Velvet Cake (from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook no less)…and Mum A made it all herself!

Do you think six months prior is too early to start dropping hints for my big day?

ps…and before I head off to plan my strategy/plead my case, I’d like to extend a big gidday to new follower, spriteyone.  Come on in and make yourself right at home!

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