My Very First….Guest Post!

For the last two and and half years here at Gidday from the UK HQ, I have constrained my ramblings and wittering-on to the pages of my own blog.  But today we celebrate another Gidday First – my very First Guest Post!

Inspired by my 50 Book Challenge, I submitted my Gift of Fiction idea on Seeded Buzz and well, one thing led to another until, thanks to Gidday-from-the-UK-er, Spriteyone, and the good folk over at Aurelia


I was published!

And you can just click here to bask vicariously in my success/narcissism/nostalgic meandering through the books of my childhood…

…or for a more ‘now’ helicopter view, check out the latest 50 Book Challenge update here

Published! Can you believe it?

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