A Happy Little (expat) Vegemite…

There is some exciting news at Gidday HQ today.

My fellow expat afficionados over at The Displaced Nation asked me to write a bit of a travel yarn about my recent trip to The Eternal City and it’s now live over there for your enjoyment.

If you can possibly bear to read one more thing about my Roman Holiday, you can meander over by clicking here.

While you are there, you might also like to have a little fossick around. I can confess to a particular addiction to the It’s Fiction series, Libby’s Life….

I am one chuffed expat!

ps…if you haven’t been keeping up with my travels of late (and shame on you if this is the case), here’s the Rome series for you:

The Gods of Rock…
A Holy Trinity…
All Roads…

My Very First….Guest Post!

For the last two and and half years here at Gidday from the UK HQ, I have constrained my ramblings and wittering-on to the pages of my own blog.  But today we celebrate another Gidday First – my very First Guest Post!

Inspired by my 50 Book Challenge, I submitted my Gift of Fiction idea on Seeded Buzz and well, one thing led to another until, thanks to Gidday-from-the-UK-er, Spriteyone, and the good folk over at Aurelia


I was published!

And you can just click here to bask vicariously in my success/narcissism/nostalgic meandering through the books of my childhood…

…or for a more ‘now’ helicopter view, check out the latest 50 Book Challenge update here

Published! Can you believe it?