The Joy Of Eggs…

Being Easter Sunday, I have been thinking about what sort of Easter post I should write…and bonnets and bunnies were just not inspiring me at all.  But sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places and while I was meandering through my list of favourite blogs, I came across an absolute gem from adbroad (the oldest working writer in advertising or so she says).

Apparently this episode of ‘I Love Lucy’ got the longest recorded laugh in television history (no canned laughter for these bastions of situation comedy)…

I laughed out loud (the neighbours must be wondering what is going on) and thought it was a perfect way to bring a little joy into a sunshine-y Easter Sunday.
And let’s face it, it brings a whole new hilarity to the phrase ‘walking on eggshells’.
Enjoy and have a wonderful Easter!
ps…if you liked watching this episode, click here to head on over to adbroad’s latest post and watch some more!

5 thoughts on “The Joy Of Eggs…

  1. I remember watching ILL back in the 60s but I was very little then and cannot remember any of the stories. I did laugh at this one even tho you can see it coming a mile off. I love Lucy's expressions just after the incident.


  2. Linda, the candy factory one was also on adbroad's post – it was a toss up which one was the better theme for my easter post but I laughed louder at the eggs one, partic. the impact of the door at the end!


  3. Oh Luuuuccccyyy! Loved that show. Other classics are Lucy working the assembly line in a candy factory, stomping grapes in Italy, and mirroring one of the Marx brothers.


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