The Joy Of Eggs…

Being Easter Sunday, I have been thinking about what sort of Easter post I should write…and bonnets and bunnies were just not inspiring me at all.  But sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places and while I was meandering through my list of favourite blogs, I came across an absolute gem from adbroad (the oldest working writer in advertising or so she says).

Apparently this episode of ‘I Love Lucy’ got the longest recorded laugh in television history (no canned laughter for these bastions of situation comedy)…

I laughed out loud (the neighbours must be wondering what is going on) and thought it was a perfect way to bring a little joy into a sunshine-y Easter Sunday.
And let’s face it, it brings a whole new hilarity to the phrase ‘walking on eggshells’.
Enjoy and have a wonderful Easter!
ps…if you liked watching this episode, click here to head on over to adbroad’s latest post and watch some more!

The Same Cup…

I was checking out the blogs I follow earlier today and was stopped in my tracks by  adbroad’s latest postWhilst the post actually pays homage to paper-cup salesman, Leslie Buck (you can click on the link and read the article yourself if you want), it wasn’t the story but rather the headline that grabbed my attention.

Before grande there was regular and everyone drank from the same cup

It reminded me of those ‘simpler’ times when we ‘had what we had’ and got on with the business of life rather than moaned about the whys and wherefores of what we have or haven’t got or achieved or experienced compared with everyone else.

It also made me smile at the ‘I want it just so’ attitude that we’ve developed. A mere paper cup would simply never do when life should actually dish it all out on a big silver platter especially designed for each of us. 

But in the end it’s not really about the cup is it…more about how we see the cup (personally I am a half full kinda gal) and what we do with it.  And in wondering what to do with a paper cup, I googled and came across this list of 101 Uses For A Paper Cup.  They’ve only got to 58 so far but here are the three I thought were the most ingenious:

16  A floating thing for a switch on a bilge pump
…because it sounds like the way I would describe something DIY-ish

22  Harley Davidson racing air filter covers in the rain.
…because I don’t know what this is but it sounds clever
30  Beach Toilet
…because I’ve been there!
At this point you may be wondering about the random nature of this blog post…and yes, you would be absolutely correct in assuming that I am simply avoiding doing the stuff I really should be doing…so I’ll be off then, before my cup really does runneth over!

I Am Blogger…Hear Me Now???

In this brave new world of blogging I find myself in, reading the mental meanderings of those I’ve never actually met (and some that I have!!) passes many an idle hour on the commute to and from work.  One of my faves is ad broad, an ‘age-less’, ad-industry female who claims to be the oldest working writer in advertising – her pithy comments and pointed rantings make me smile…and question…and wonder…and smile again…

Anyhow, I read one of her posts recently – no status update = new status symbol – and it did make me wonder about this societal addiction that has emerged.  Letting everyone know what you are doing at random moments on every available medium and presuming that the ‘world out there’ will be fascinated by this.  

Isn’t this just the ultimate in attention-seeking, diva behaviour? 

There has been this absolute transformation from the parental edict ‘seen and not heard’ that I remember to this kind of cyber-showing off – this urge to have something to say, and be heard, all of the time. 

I wonder about the backlash against this that she blogs about.  Some of my friends have emailed me saying they have closed their Facebook accounts and I’m still wondering about the whole Twitter thing myself (I have a twitter-toe dipped in the water though – you can find me – sporadically – under giddayfromtheuk) but I don’t see this surge to social media and the more, quicker, better race for status-updating technologies that surrounds it abating anytime soon.

I’m not sure where my feelings really lie.  I like Facebook and love blogging and if there are no comments in response to my updates and posts for a period of time, I feel slightly bereft.  And some of my fellow bloggers are thought-provoking, funny, irreverent, inspiring and completely generous in allowing me to peek into their worlds. But I worry a bit about the ‘behaviour’ social media seems to generate – the constant ‘I have something to say/Hear me now!’. 

After all, it’s a big world out there – and who REALLY cares?