Great Southern Land…

So today is Australia Day. The day we down under celebrate the landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788, some 18 years after its discovery by Captain James Cook laying the claim of British Sovereignty at the threshold of a vast and unknown territory.

So what to blog about today, I thought? Could it be a potted history of our last 224 years? Or perhaps a little wander through the idiosyncracies and peccadillos of my fellow countrymen?
But then I knew – it just had to be the music. And more particularly, the music of my youth. So by clicking on all of the links below, you can take a little tour through the teenage years of a little Aussie sheila. Think BBQs, festivals, concerts, camping and much anthem-like, arms-raised, crowd-singing as you listen.

There was Australian Rock charting its course through hearts and minds with Cold Chisel, Icehouse, Little River BandAustralian Crawl, The AngelsMen At Work and personal fave, Noiseworks.

And let’s not forget those upper echelons of Aussie Pop with Kylie, Savage Garden, Kate Ceberano, Bachelor Girl and Jo Camilleri (and his Black Sorrows).

But the song that always sums up that great big land down under for me is a song by little known Gangajang – listen to the words and you’ll hear what I mean…

Have a bonza ‘Straya’ Day, peeps!

5 thoughts on “Great Southern Land…

  1. . . great way to celebrate (short of declaring total independence!). Would love to listen to some 'Striney' lyrics but out here in the sticks with our limited bandwidth it would take all day for just one toon to download!


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