First Desire…Now The One

It’s been almost three years since we first met.

Before I knew it our daily dalliance had given way to deep devotion, a devotion that has captured everything from my morning musings through to the most fervent ramblings of my heart. Commuting gems have been shared, plans have been made and connections forged and re-forged across London’s transport network and indeed, the world.

But today something has changed. There has been a shift. A letting go.

As happens so often in life, I was faced with relinquishing one thing in return for another.

So with heavy heart I approached, hoping I could still keep a part of the wonderfulness whilst opening myself up to something more. I pushed open the door, waited for my moment and uttered the words I had avoided saying for so long…

‘I need to upgrade my phone.’

A mere 40 minutes later, the job was done and my Desire had been replaced…

…by the One…

…and I’m in love all over again.

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