A Spring In Your Step…

I spent a couple of happy hours on the back patio at Gidday HQ today catching up on a whole lot of reading while enjoying the gentle bursts of afternoon sunshine. These are often the days when I am inspired to post about a particular item I’ve read or a germ of an idea that’s been running around in my head for a while forms itself into a narrative and ends up here. I enjoy trawling through it all, a journey through different minds and viewpoints from mine.

Today several themes captured my attention but they have all been washed aside by a rather inspiring idea I’ve found on Springwise.com. Atlas may have held the world on his shoulders but Ministry of Supply’s ATLAS socks may just lay the world at your feet.

Ministry of Supply (MOS) has developed a rather awesome technology that they embed into their clothing to help manage body heat and the latest addition to their range is ATLAS, socks that are designed to banish foot odour for good. Using a start-up crowd-sourced funding website called Kickstarter, MOS raised over USD200,000 to fund the project by rewarding investors who paid in USD28 with a couple of pairs of the product itself. Nothing like building your fan base as you finance I say.

But it’s not just a clever combination of ventilation and moisture wicking that has one’s feet smelling of roses but an everyday boost of another kind.


Image source: http://www.springwise com

You know how putting a bowl of coffee beans in the fridge will dispense with all of those ‘funky’ odours? Well the same principle is applied here. MOS infuses carbonised coffee – salvaged from restaurants and cafes – into the sock fibres and voila! Fresh feet are all yours…all day.

Talk about putting a spring in your step!

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