Ma’a salama…

My week in Abu Dhabi is at an end and in just a few short hours I’ll be jetting back to London. My carry on bag is just waiting to be closed and I’m making the most of still having my room tonight (even though I won’t be sleeping in it) to tap out an end-of-holiday post – my goodbye to Abu Dhabi.

I sat on the restaurant terrace earlier tonight, Apple Martini in hand and desert sunset before me marvelling at how much there had been to enjoy this week despite not venturing very far afield. (I’ve limited my daily excursions to breakfast – beach – sunset with cocktail – dinner and lots of lovely reading in between.) Yet every day has been different with something new to notice, to admire, to hear, to read (the count is four and a half books – although that may be five by the time I arrive home – and two magazines)…and to drink.

Whether this could be counted as a Gidday Armchair Tour I am not so sure but in any case here’s a little homage to my time in Abu Dhabi for your enjoyment.

It was an Apple Martini tonight but there have been both a Long Island Iced Tea and a Singapore Sling in the mix too.
The view from room 703 at The Traders on morning number one – I couldn’t wait to get down to that private beach…
...and it was front and centre (with a bit of shade) for a whole six days.

During my morning meanderings I found a few interesting things to admire/marvel at…

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (didn’t visit but a lovely view!) – the several-times-daily call to prayer was hauntingly beautiful.
A shisha shack…reminded me of the hookah-smoking caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland.
A rockin’ sound system… (okay sorry about that)
…and a quirky rescue point.
And speaking of admire, what’s a beach holiday without a few sunsets…
The locals were welcoming everywhere I went but I just loved this ghost-like image in the doorway of the hotel lobby…

And last but not least, just to prove I was really there, a footprint in the sand (and clever advertising that has really left it’s mark)…

So all there is left to do is log off, close my case, pay the bill and bid Abu Dhabi a fond farewell. Hope you’ve enjoyed it vicariously even a smidgen as much as I did being here.

Ma’a salama!

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