Ode to Ghent

After a birthday of fun
On August day one,
On August day two
A wedding was done
Amid friends old and new
And we boogied on down.
After a big night of play
To blow cobwebs away
It seemed just the thing
To arrange for a day
Of touristic sightsee-ing
In a neighbouring town.
So to Ghent (or to Gent)
On the Sunday we went
By train and by tram
To the place we were meant
To meet a man with a plan
And a boat to cruise ’round.
Despite threat of a shower
We cruised for an hour
Umbrellas at ready
Past turret and tower
Our camera clicks steady.
Not a drop did fall down.



Next up was a talk
And historical walk
Through old cobbled streets.
At architecture we gawked
And ate local treats:
Jenever and waffles warmed brown.






Apple jenever – delicious
We enjoyed the Ghent view
For an hour or two
Then sought a beer
– a good local brew
To wish all good cheer
(no sorrows to drown).
A wide selection of local beverages
So we followed our nose,
Down cobblestone roads
Til we came to a square
Where a man with a pose
Said ‘beer over there!’
With an authoritative frown.
Statue of Jacob van Artevelde in Vridagsmarket (Friday Market)
So thirst quenched we went
To a rib joint in Ghent
Before travelling back,
An afternoon well-spent. 
And as the sky to turned to black
We were hotel-bound.
Ghent train station
Glorious ceiling inside the station entrance
So that was my ode
To Ghent, the abode
and an altarpiece of note.
And it does seem to me
There’s much more to like
The next time around!

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