Photo tour: A walk in York

I went to York for three days in March. It’s a city that’s absolutely chock full of history – which I love – and is wonderfully walk-able – which I also love. Quite frankly, I’m astounded that it’s taken me thirteen years to get there.

True to form, the English weather prevaricated between gloriously crisp blue-sky days and a grey drizzle that bordered on menacingly unfriendly from time to time.  Needless to say there were lots of layers-off-layers-on moments as I adjusted to these changes. But that did not stop me doing loads of great stuff and taking oodles of photos.

To whet your appetite for the posts to come, I thought I’d share some of the pics that take me back and even now, take my breath away. Enjoy!

Let’s start with some views of the River Ouse from Dame Judi Dench Walk on sunny Thursday morning.

River Ouse Day 2a (sml)

York locals

The locals are used to visitors.

The nearby Yorkshire Museum Gardens contain the ruins of the old Roman barracks – they took on a haunted feel in the cold grey light.

Yorkshire Museum Gardens - barracks ruin 2 (sml)Two days later, the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey – also in the Yorkshire Museum Gardens – were bathed in sunshine.

St Mary's Abbey ruins (sml)

I visited Clifford’s Tower, part of the old York Castle, during a walking tour on my first day (more on this in a later post). As with all good English history, it’s located in the middle of a car park.

Clifford tower montage

I loved the colour of the Minster Fine Art building – it’s tucked behind the Cathedral in Deansgate.

Deansgate view (sml)This crooked wattle and daub building in Stonegate housed a Christmas shop – it took everything I had not to go in!

Crooked Christmas Shop on StonegateOther tempting windows included Duttons for Buttons in Coppergate (I do like a rhyming turn of phrase) and this colourful scene at Thomas the Baker in Kings Square (which is actually more of a triangle shape).

Shopping montage

York doesn’t mind getting its ‘fancy pants’ on either. On the left is the chandelier at Treasurer’s House while you’ll find the clock on the right at St-Martin-Le-Grand in Coney Street.

Fancy montageThis is the Shinkansen at The National Railway Museum. Totally impressive and the only Japanese Bullet Train outside Japan.

Railway Museum - Shinkansen 1

York Minster is not to be missed – 275 of these will get you to the top of its Tower…

Minster Tower steps (sml)

…and there’s even a cracking view halfway up to keep you going.

York Minster view halfway up (sml)

Stay tuned for more York news and reviews coming soon…

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