Easter Parade

We’ve had a fairly restful Easter up here on Kingston Hill and as I’m watching the sun still peek through the clouds at 6pm, I’m finding it hard to believe that I’ll be back at work tomorrow morning (lady-of-leisure-ness is so NOT over-rated!)

But in reflecting on our weekend of me ‘n’ J just hangin’ out together, I think we have managed a number of high points which I thought I’d share with you:

1. The return of Ashes to Ashes Series 3 on Friday night (Gene is back, the fashion is still questionable and we still have no idea how it will all turn out)

2. The return of Doctor Who on Saturday night (and whilst not quite ready to relinquish the top spot in my timelord affections to anyone other than the rather lovely David Tennant, I have to say I like this new doctor’s quirky gangly-ness)

3.  Watching Frost/Nixon on Saturday night (which we have been threatening to do for ages – completely fascinating!)

4.  Having our first BBQ of 2010 on Sunday (shamefully late I know but we hope to get in the groove from now on in)

5.  Finally finishing the Rupert Everett bio on Sunday (a personal goal of mine – it was going on a bit and I was torn between finishing what I started in case there was a cracking ending or bailing and wondering did I miss something – fyi it was a combination of the former and the latter which I will leave you to work out)

6. Learning how to play Monopoly Deal (card game version of the board game – much faster and furious-er) and playing several mini ‘tournaments’ over the weekend – J is ahead 2 ‘sets’ to 1…grrrrr maybe not such a high point? 

and last but by no means least…

7.  Sleeping til we’ve finished (a little piece of everyday heaven)

and I still haven’t cleaned my windows or ‘redone’ the garden…

Sigh…what a perfect weekend…


A Fetish For Cowboy Boots

In the last two weeks, I have become completely addicted to Ashes to Ashes.

There.  I’ve said it.

It started out as casual viewing over Saturday night pizzas with J and the kids (movie choices always seem to degenerate into an argument so we went with this) and has ended this weekend with me ‘n’ J watching all eight episodes of season two.

Not in one sitting mind – but it was two episodes Friday night, two episodes Saturday lunchtime, three episodes with dinner last night and the season finale over breakfast this morning! 

Plot twists flew thick and fast and combined with great 80s tunes (a particular fave is Gene revving the Audi Quattro to the intro of Duran Duran’s Rio) and great characters, this heady mix had us rivetted/riveted to our seats! (Riveted…is it one ‘t’ or two…hmmm I can’t decide.)

Season 3 started filming last November and will hit TV screens in the UK in Spring 2010. I cannot wait. What will Alex do? Who is Gene Hunt? Can Chris’ dress sense get any worse?  What is the wipe-clean wonder fabric that Alex’s white jacket (entirely unsuitable for police work I would have thought but hey, this is the 80s) is made from? Will Shaz do more than make tea? And will Raymondo get himself a girl?

Seriously, for me this is just the best mix of 80’s nostalgia trip and police drama and I love the whole slightly off-centre supernatural-ness of Alex’s dual life. If you are like me – fascinated by a puzzle and tempted by a little voice in the back of your head saying ‘what’s it all about?’ – go on and get your cowboy boots on.  It’s Ashes to Ashes time…