Isn’t it iconic

I’ve spent the last three nights sorting through my Paris pics.

Yes I took a few. It is such a picturesque city that it’s hard to resist whipping out the Nikon every few moments to capture a scene made magic by light, position or just plain novelty.

Going through photos after a trip usually helps me to frame a few armchair tour ‘themes’ to give Gidday-ers a flavour of my experiences. In this case, these are still percolating away and over the next few posts I’ll attempt to re-capture the enchantment this amazing city wrapped around me a decade after my last visit. Delving into nooks and crannies, climbing up and down hills and staircases, reclining in parks, gardens and cafes and negotiating the eponymous – and largely escalator-less – Paris Metro. (A girl’s got to work off all that cake and cheese somehow!)

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