It’s a sign

It’s been a week since my last post and I’ve managed to transfer all of my blog posts and comments across to


It was a much easier feat than I had anticipated, taking only 15 minutes to complete with remarkably few formatting issues.

I have also been out and about instagram-ming. (Now I am wondering whether there’s a snappier or more technical term for this and I have just completely outed myself as ‘not in with the cool kids’.)

Having committed myself to sharing daily, the weather has not been inspirational this week so in the absence of spectacular shots on my normal commute along the Thames, around Big Ben and past Westminster Abbey, I’ve had to look a little harder for something to share.

I should have known that London would not disappoint – local businesses are just the best.

Lily Lane

Some thoughtful poetry from florist Lily Lane in Ballards Lane, Finchley

Alcohol Sourced StP

A pleading note from Sourced at St Pancras Station had me chuckling all the way to my train on Wednesday morning.

Delusional Source

A horsewoman I am not but this was a laugh out loud moment from Source (as opposed to Sourced) in Spitalfields Market yesterday. Giddy-up…

So feeling like I had achieved a few good steps forward, today I have been attending to some administration tasks ie. upgrading my laptop to Windows 10, optimising and running scans, and downloading other new software versions. My laptop’s been running slower than snail mail and trying to add pictures on my tablet is a royal pain so as I was tap-tap-tapping this post out on my much-faster laptop (that’s hooray! number 2), I was hopeful that this week I had managed a small improvement in technical mastery…

…until I saw this on my home page.

Common themes

It seems that this http thing-y has attached itself as a tag in all 500+ posts that I’ve transferred across from blogger. And despite my best efforts, I cannot find a way to remove the tag from all of them at once so guess what I’ll be doing tonight.

Probably serves me right for getting smug. Just as well I’ve got tomorrow’s sign ready…

Procaffeination H+H

On my phone from BI (Before Instagram); taken in the toilet of the Harris & Hoole coffee shop in North Finchley. I washed my hands first – promise!

So unless one of you helpful lot knows a more efficient way to do this as opposed to me deleting the tag post by post, tomorrow’s coffee will come in very handy.


A Cry Into The Wilderness…

This mid-week post is a bit of a cry into the blogging wilderness.  I ‘attended’ (for want of a better word) a webinar yesterday where the virtues of Word Press as a website and blog platform were extolled. 

But for the last three years I have been resolutely filing post after post after post using Blogger.  I have happily fiddled about with formats, added pages and even embarked on a little AdSense experiment and I have to admit, I feel rather attached. 

But yesterday’s fine Word Press words got under my skin…

So I’m asking for your thoughts: Blogger or Word Press?  The pros and cons.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

Now, over to you – I’m all ears.