The Adventures of an Emergency Handbag

This weekend I had two days of idle bliss planned – nowhere I had to go or be in particular and a whole lot of rather indulgent reading on the agenda! 
But at 1.30 on Saturday afternoon I got a call, an emergency handbag call requesting my presence that evening as a ‘work-do-date’. And far be it from me to disappoint a friend in need: so 2 hours later I found myself driving with my friend A into the wilds (maybe not so wild) of Hampshire to stately home,Tylney Hall.
Gorgeously frosty surrounds made this morning’s post-brekky stroll around the grounds (you know, the stroll you need to put a spring in your step after the ‘night before’) absolutely delightful…beautiful clear skies and a slight mist made it all look a bit ethereal…and we were also fascinated by a few of the more frozen aspects of our little meander!
How’s that frozen fountain?  And the frozen puddles? Pretty cool eh?
So despite the short notice and ensuing lack of sleep that followed, it was another fab adventure for this last minute ‘date’…you might want to stay tuned for another Emergency Handbag Adventure coming to this blog sometime soon…ish!