Moscow Circus Maximus…

So it was off to the circus for this little black duck yesterday – the Moscow State Circus at the Old Deer Park in Richmond to be exact – so me ‘n’ J set off to catch the matinee performance with our 50% off vouchers expecting a jolly afternoon of old-fashioned family-style entertainment.  And…well…wow!  We loved it! 
The theme was the story of Rasputin (you know, Ra-ra-rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen for all you Boney M fans) and while that side of things didn’t really grab me, the performers absolutely did.  What amazing discipline and precision…even the mad man who ran around the OUTSIDE of the sky wheel WITH A BLINDFOLD ON completely impressed me despite the rising tide of fear in my belly while watching this one.  But I’ve included pics of my faves for you (scanned from the £3 program) and at £7.50 for each ticket, that’s excellent value for a pretty awesome afternoon’s entertainment!

ps…speaking of circuses, I had a terrible fright today when  I opened my blog – the face of David Cameron stared out at me!  Good grief how did he get there??