Strictly Heartstopping…

Every so often I experience something that affects me so deeply, I just cannot get it out of my mind.

Settling in last night with a bit of Ben & Jerry’s, I was all ready to be entertained and uplifted (to a degree) by my regular Saturday night double dose of guilty pleasure, Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor.

But not like this.

After nine amazing performances on last night’s Strictly, this happened:

I was mesmerised. Absolutely spellbound. For the whole 90 seconds, I think I actually stopped breathing.

I kept seeing it over and over in my head all night, despite the brilliant performances on the X Factor Final (part one) that followed.

It was the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning. And just to double-check I wasn’t imagining it all, I watched it again before posting – twice.

My heart still skipped a beat.

Exciting. Aggressive. Passionate. Uncompromising.

I have nothing further to say on the matter.

ps…oh wait, hang on. I need to let you know that there are only 14 sleeps before Christmas is upon us. That’s only 14 shopping days left so chop chop peeps. You don’t want to be late!

12 Festive Sleeps to Go…Winning Performances

Well it’s that time of year when  two of my favourite shows start drawing to their inexorable close – Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor.

X Factor will finish tonight in a blaze of stage effects, judge’s tears and testosterone now that it is down to Olly and Joe and for my part, I would love Olly to win.  Entertaining, cheeky and gutsy…although it will be a fight to the end and in two hours time, the artist with the ‘Christmas Number One‘ for 2009 will be announced…

But more than that, I loved this weekend’s Strictly.  All of those amazing, amazing performances and the most wicked Argentine Tango from Ricky and Natalie…I just so want them to win.  So nothing pleased me more than to see them go through to next week’s final. 

So there it is – my votes for the winning performances.  Saturday nights will just not be the same without them…

What’s it all about, Alfie…

Since becoming unemployed there has been all sorts of chilling out and gadding about going on but at the times in between, when everyone is at work and there is just me sitting at my front window in the sunshine, I have made a little friend. So let me introduce you to Alfie Bear…

Alfie arrived during my last days at Alpha in January and spends his days enjoying the sunshine and watching the squirrels, birds & numerous neighbour cats from my front window. He’s quite a good little bear – always up for cuddles, always smiling and very well-behaved although that mischievous smile makes me think that when I am not looking, he climbs down from his chair by the window and runs around shouting ‘I’m a real bear!’ with Pinocchio-like abandon. He is a huge fan of X-Factor and CSI (just like his Mum) but there is some debate about whether his CSI fave is Dad’s preference – Miami – or Mum’s – NY though he likes them all really. He also likes nothing better than a huge honey sandwich and I suspect that left to his own devices, his little Alfie paws dip straight into the honey jar!